Oxycontin and sperm count

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Overdo it, and you could be in trouble. Rising levels of depressive disorders have in turn led to an increase in the use of prescription antidepressants, with more than million prescriptions on record forthe second most among all medications in the United States Epilepsy is known to be associated with MFI. Smoking pot has been shown to reduce sperm count, sperm function, and overall male fertility. In rodent studies, high THC doses caused a modest increase in abnormally formed sperm.

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Highly active antiretroviral therapy HAART is provided to patients with HIV and, despite its tremendous reduction in HIV mortality, has been associated with a number of serious adverse side effects including neuropathy and lipodystrophy

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How drugs and alcohol affect your fertility

In literature, human data on hormone levels following marijuana exposure are conflicting. Most importantly, histomorphological alterations of testes, significantly increased abnormalities in epidydimal spermatozoa and sperm DNA damage have been observed in rats exposed to cigarette smoke [ 4142 ]. When you say it didn't for you, does that mean you had kids while using it? Impaired sperm concentration and morphology in rats [ 91 ] Inhibition of sperm ATP production in rats [ ] Reduction of fructose and citric acid contents in testis and prostate of male rats [ 95 ]. Only one study on men attending an infertility clinic demonstrated a positive correlation between marijuana use and percentage of motile sperm [ 66 ]. Smoking-related DNA damage and methylation patterns are observed in several human tissues - even those who are not directly exposed to it because of indirect systemic exposure [ 50 ]. Overdo it, and you could be in trouble.

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oxycontin and sperm count
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oxycontin and sperm count
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