Sperm swallowing tips

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And if your tummy gurgles later, you two have an inside joke of love to laugh at Most guys are thrilled that you just let them cum in your mouth. Like I said, she went a bit wild. Then, if you have to spit some, it is easy to clean up. I could never even come close to deep throating my guy till I tried this trick, but it worked fantastic! Why would a man love his load to shoot down your throat? Please email me at labiamonger hotmail.

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The taste buds on different areas of the tongue are sensitive to specific tastes:

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Say Aaah! How To Get Comfortable With Swallowing

Hopefully these tips will encourage more women to swallow. With time, you will actually get to like it. Type keyword s to search. It also has other benefits as the lifesaver creates saliva as you suck on it making your mouth much more lubricated for a much better feeling for the receiver! I enjoy playing with cum, picking it out of my mouth and letting it slowly drop back in.

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sperm swallowing tips
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sperm swallowing tips
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