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Literotica is a trademark. Post comment as click to select: But in time, I could hold back no longer. Her hands wrapped around my arms, her fingernails digging roughly into me despite the long-sleeved dress shirt I wore. I did not both counting the orgasms; I only knew that with each one, it became harder and harder for me to hold back my own release, my grunts of willpower resounding with her cries of love and the sounds spilling from the speakers.

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The missile burrowed into the target and exploded, the triumphant bellow which filled my ears at once familiar yet foreign.

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As I approached, I had a perfect view of her sex as she repeatedly plunged several fingers inside. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I could hear it: Stories Poems Story Series. My hands on either side of her head, her legs wrapped like a vice around my waist, I gave her what she clearly craved. I pulled her hands away from her weeping womanhood and brought them to my face. By now, I was certain that she knew it was her husband and not a random stranger who was perched between her spread thighs.

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