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Some respond to HRT differently than others, but for most, if you masturbate on a regular basis, it keeps the tissue "active" enough that you may not be too severely affected by the lack of testosterone. We are not male, we are not boys, and tranny is akin to the N-word in most transgender circles. I only know of one trans woman who stayed in porn after genital surgery. Pretty much everyone is aware of transsexual porn, but porn is obviously not reality nor an accurate representation thereof, so I will try and explain a bit as to what really happens to your sexual bits while on HRT. The lack of testosterone will also impact the stiffness and size.

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This will get less and less for you as time passes.

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I m 11 yrs old and I am lesbian.? It is in readiness for sexual intercourse. I'm sure there are surgical procedures. The word has hateful connotations. Most transgender persons do not have surgery,but simply live as a woman or a man if they are a female-to-maletransgender - they dress and act like a woman instead of a man. It will become softer and far more sensitive.

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